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I guide people through the entire process of career discovery, exploration, and implementation. I have been doing this work since 2004, and I have coached thousands of people along the way. You've gotten this far on your own, and I can help you get the rest of the way.

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"You have a keyboard and a screen and just a few characters to convince a room of strangers that you’ve never met why you want this more than anyone else. And that in itself is a daunting kind of process. And to have someone on your team who is able to give you an honest opinion, who isn’t afraid to tell you how they truly feel about your application and how you can make it better: it’s priceless.” -Janelle Alvarez

career coaching testimonial Emilio Lorenzo“I’ve had the pleasure of being able to be counseled by April herself, and in those interactions she really made me feel at home. She made me understand what my career goals are, but helped lay out a plan to help me reach those goals. ....she’s the best in the industry, and I don’t believe in my own professional journey I would be where I am today if it were not for her guidance.” -Emilio Lorenzo

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You can have it all! You can create meaning through your work, make money doing it, and serve the world! Let's work together, and I'll show you how! April xo