This online video course consists of 7 modules which lay out each step of the job search process clearly and systematically so students can land the job.

Students work through the course at their own pace completing checklists, reviewing document samples and course guides, writing resumes and cover letters, and preparing for interviews.

The course is composed of seven comprehensive modules so students learn as they go and have natural breaks to process information, create documents, practice new skills, complete homework along the way, and come back to you to refine the process.

Spend less time on the fundamentals and more time helping students forge satisfying careers, make money, and love the lives they live.

Course Overview

Land the Job Masterclass guides students through mastering every step to landing the job.

This video-based platform breaks up all the steps of landing the job into 7 self-contained modules. This interactive masterclass moves students through each module, in order, so they can master each component of the job search process before moving on to the next. After students have mastered the fundamental knowledge and created and targeted their documents, they can meet with university career counselors and advisors to refine their documents and get individual guidance on their processes.

In each of the seven modules, your students and alumni will learn how to:
land the job students
1. Create a targeted Resume that stands out to employers
2. Write a targeted Cover Letter
3. Conduct a meaningful Job Search and tap into the Hidden Job Market
4. Ace the Interview
5. Request and provide References and Letters of Recommendation
6. Express gratitude through Thank You Letters
7. Negotiate Salary and decide between competing Job Offers

Modules contain video tutorials, checklists, cheat sheets, guides, worksheets, and sample documents - everything your students and alumni need to know to land the job of their dreams.

Students can revisit this information again and again until they have it down, or each time they are applying for a part time job, an internship, or a full time job upon graduation.

Through these seven modules, your students will have access to:

bullet36 videos totaling over 4 hours of video instruction
bullet3 sample resumes
bulletSuggested format for cover letter writing
bulletAn in-depth informational interviewing guide
bulletJob search timeline and networking timeline spreadsheets to stay on track
bulletA salary negotiation worksheet
bulletAnd more!

Land the Job Masterclass is presented in step-by-step, bite-sized chunks so your students and alumni will have all the tools they need to make their career dreams a reality!

Who will benefit from this course?

bulletIf you are a small technical school or college and you alone are tasked with meeting the career needs of your students or alumni, this course can help you reach all your students with current information.

bulletIf you wear many hats such as Career Advising, Academic Advising, Counseling, Alumni Relations, and other functions, and need support in the area of career development, this course will help you directly assist students or alumni in need of career development and support.

bulletIf you are new to the field of career development and want to be sure you're providing your students with the most up-to-date information, this course will train you and your students simultaneously to work together to strengthen the key components of career guidance and development.

bulletIf your institution lacks the resources to robustly meet all the career development needs of your students or alumni, this course can help!

There is no need to begin researching this field to design career development tools that are already proven, effective, and available. You can immediately take advantage of these resources to meet the career development needs of all your students and alumni!

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Why choose Land the Job Masterclass for your students or alumni?

Bliss Evolution’s mission is to empower students, alumni, and career staff with the tools that they need so students and alumni are prepared to enter the workforce and excel professionally. Bliss Evolution works with colleges and universities to build a foundation of knowledge and provide resources in career guidance and development so your career staff is able to focus on the specific needs of individual students and support successful candidates entering into the workforce.

I've had the honor to work in Career Development Services at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), University of Houston - Downtown (UHD), and Nova Southeastern University (NSU). Not only have I worked with students and alumni across the nation, but I have also trained staff in the field of career development who thrive in this field today.

I have been working in the field of career development for over 14 years, providing countless solutions for students, alumni, and career development staff. This course encompasses many different possibilities and teaches students and alumni how to present themselves in ways that work best for them.

I know how important it is for your career team to retain ownership of the career advice your students receive. Personally, I was reticent about sharing products or information with students that I did not believe were robust, current, or aligned with my career development philosophy. For this reason, I’d love to walk you through the program and discuss how it could help meet the needs of your students.

Extend your work beyond a single appointment in your office to help students prepare for landing the job.

April klimkiewicz bliss evolutionApril Klimkiewicz, M.A.
April Klimkiewicz guides and teaches people who have career questions from "How do I figure out what I want to do for a career?" to "How do I negotiate salary?" and everything in between. April has been coaching students and alumni since 2004 and offers expert career advice for complicated situations. April's passion is in helping people navigate their career questions to get to a place where they trust themselves to make informed career decisions. April has worked at MIT, Starwood Hotels and Resorts, UH-Downtown, and NSU before founding bliss evolution in 2015. April holds a master's degree in the field of Counseling Psychology from Boston College. April loves the energy of live presentations, traveling the world, yoga, and celebrating successes with those she works with!