Check out these frequently asked questions about what career coaching is like.

How do you assist clients in reaching their career and life goals through career coaching?
We’ll set up a brief, complimentary Career Harmony Call where we will discuss working together and address your specific career concerns through one of my career coaching programs. During sessions, we co-develop specific strategies for change, and I support you as you create and work toward discovery and implementation. I am with you on this journey to help you problem-solve when challenges arise, motivate you when you feel you could use an extra boost, and celebrate with you as you reach your goals! Some issues require a short amount of time to get on track, while other goals such as determining a new career direction more time. Because each person is different, each session is different, and ultimately, career coaching can work differently for each client.

How does career coaching work?
I work with you by skype, and in some cases and at your request, phone. When I meet with a client for the first time during at Career Harmony Call, I ask questions and listen closely. I listen to stories, favorite things, what you are good at, what you enjoy, as well as current barriers and successes. For me, helping someone reach their career goals is about each person’s story, what you love, who you want to be, and how you want to get there. Because each person is different, each session is tailored specifically to you and your needs.

What’s the difference between career counseling, coaching, and consulting?
I assist with all of these topics at Bliss Evolution and know that there is a wide degree of confusion about these terms, not only among clients looking for career assistance, but also among experts and those practicing in the field. I tend to use the terms counseling, coaching, and consulting interchangeably, but I see the main differences as follows:

Career Counseling – method for assisting clients in digging deep and figuring out what their next career goal will be. For example, someone who is not sure what career direction to pursue is typically seeking career counseling.

Career Coaching – elucidating the process of reaching a goal. For example, someone who is looking to conduct a successful job search including updating a resume and learning how to interview effectively is typically seeking career coaching.

Career Consulting – choosing to discuss confusing or difficult career issues with an expert. For example, someone looking to have a tough discussion with a supervisor about the direction they would like to take their job or about negotiating a raise is typically seeking career consulting.

Are you educated or trained as a career counselor or career coach?
Yes, I am a trained career coach with 14 years professional experience in career development in addition to HR experience. I obtained a master’s degree in the field of counseling psychology from Boston College and specialize in guiding clients through exploration of career options, career transitions, and holistic career coaching that integrates personal and career development.

How do you assist clients in looking for jobs?
We will discuss what a successful job search looks like. I could assist you with
bulletTargeting a resume and cover letter to a specific industry
bulletHow to best utilize LinkedIn
bulletCreating a proactive job search planTargeting a resume and cover letter to a specific industry
bulletEmploying your strengths and skills to network effectively
bulletInterview coaching including mock or practice interviews as well as discussion of phone, Skype, and in-person interviews
bulletAssessing job offers

How do you assist clients who want to choose a career or change careers?
Typically, we start with a values discussion which will ground the rest of our work together and help us determine fit for past, current, and potential future career environments. Additionally, we can explore
bulletUse of career assessments
bulletYour strengths, personality, and interests
bulletWays of researching and learning more about potential career areas of interest
bulletSupport and problem solving during implementation of your career development plan

What forms of payment do you accept?
Once we have determined we would be a good fit working together, you may pay via credit card through my appointment scheduling system.

Are career coaching fees tax-deductible?
Sometimes they are. Please consult with your financial advisor or review the IRS guidelines on topics such as job search and/or career development.

How long does the process take?
It could be as quick as a one or two sessions to address a specific work-related challenge or as intensive as the regular weekly sessions over the course of a few months as you work toward choosing a new career trajectory or making a career change or transition.

How often would we schedule sessions?
I enjoy meeting weekly with clients to check in on progress and discuss new plans of action. Once in a while, you may have a planned vacation or need a week off, and I am happy to push back our meeting if this sort of need arises, but in general, weekly meetings keep the positive momentum going!

What happens if I schedule a meeting with you and then I need to reschedule or cancel?
No problem! Just click the calendar link you were provided when you signed up to manage your meetings with me. Please give me 24 hours advance notice so another client can utilize the open spot.

Do you use different tests to tell clients what careers they should choose?
There are no right or wrong answers! Rather than tests, part of our discovery process does use assessments to help clients see different aspects of themselves more clearly, but we do not use assessments as the only way to determine a career path. Certain guided assessments related to values, personality style, and interests, in conjunction with discussion and reflection, can be very helpful in clarifying goals.

Will you write my resume or LinkedIn profile for me?
Part of our work together could include reviewing your resume and LinkedIn profile with you. I can also teach you exactly how to write an effective cover letter. If instead you are interested in having your resume or LinkedIn profile written for you, I recommend Steph at Off The Clock Resumes.

If I am looking for a job, will you introduce me to your network of connections?
I will be happy to connect you make a personal connection for you if I know someone who can help. In addition, you will have access to all the resources I use, and I can teach you how to tap into your network of contacts and how best to approach them and those outside your network.

Can you provide me with names of hiring managers so that I can contact them?
Again, if I know of someone who could help, I will, but even more importantly, I can walk you through how to reach out and connect with decision-makers through your network.

Do you offer e-coaching?
No. All sessions are by Skype or phone when requested.

Can I send email to you between telephone or Skype coaching sessions?
Yes. I am happy to read anything you send via email and respond promptly or discuss it with you further during our next meeting.

Do you work with clients seeking employment outside the U.S.?
My primary expertise is U.S. specific. If your goals require knowledge of another country’s employment norms and culture, please inquire about services, and together we will determine if my expertise will be beneficial for you.

Does your business offer a guarantee?
I guarantee the quality of service to you. The outcome depends on many factors including your motivation, effort, persistence, and also circumstances outside of our control (such as the economy or internal changes within an employing organization). I view my role as helping you to become as well-equipped as possible to make good career decisions, create a strategic career plan, implement the plan, and solve challenges as they arise. Good coaching outcomes are dependent on sustained action on your part. If you do not have the time or ability to take sustained action at this time, I recommend waiting until the timing is better for you to start.

Can you provide references?
Please visit the success stories page to see what others have to say about working with me.

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