Pricing Guide for Individuals

services & pricing freeFree Membership includes access to the Career Resource Library where you'll get:

bulletQuick tips on staying Body Positive at Work
bulletMonthly email updates on trends and helpful career advice
bulletA resume guide if you're starting in a new career or changing careers
bulletUnlocking the Secrets to your Career Personality Webinar
bulletWhat You'll need for the Job Application Process Checklist
bulletSalary Negotiation Strategies
bulletand more!

Our personalized appointment can focus on any of the following areas:

bulletBuild Confidence
bulletCareer Change and Exploration / Employment Gaps
bulletWorkplace dynamics
bulletResumes, CVs and Cover Letters
bulletNetworking and the Job Search
bulletConferences & Career Fairs
bulletGrad School
bulletPersonal Statements
bulletNegotiation & Decision Making

See below for detailed explanations of each area.


Learn how to construct an outstanding resume and how to make yours jump out to potential employers.


Create a winning Cover Letter that conveys who you are and why you are a perfect fit for the company and position.


Learn the ins and outs of effective interviewing, practice interviewing during a mock interview, and learn how to answer tricky interview questions so you're prepared and ready to shine!


Discover how you can best utilize your Network to gather information and find hidden Job Opportunities.


Learn the ins and outs of navigating career-related events, what to do, behaviors to avoid, what your body language is saying, and how to make the most out of your time!


Learn the art of Negotiation, the best way to ensure a win-win, and how to compare and decide between multiple Job Offers.


Get guidance on deciding if Graduate School is right for you, how to apply, and how to determine the best program for you.


Discover the differences between Resumes and Curriculum Vitaes and when you should be using each.


Discuss the dynamics and components of a Personal Statement and build a Personal Statement for entry into graduate school or residency where the real you shines through.


It can be scary making a career change. Often, we feel like we are lacking when we compare ourselves to others, even the fictitious "other people" in our heads! Allow me to guide you in a way that builds confidence that you CAN do it, and it IS out there for you, as I have assisted countless others for over a decade.


Discover what career was truly meant for you! We can look at how your Personality Style, Values, Interests, Skills, and Strengths all interplay with each other to make you uniquely you and determine what careers make sense for you.


Trouble with a difficult work situation, or trying to navigate working with different personality dynamics of supervisors, coworkers, or subordinates? We can discuss ways to navigate even the most tricky workplace dynamics.

There is no reason to feel stuck and unsure anymore. Together, we can...

bulletDig deep into your story to discover what makes you tick and all the attributes that make you you

bulletDiscover your true calling...there may be one or a few areas that call to you

bulletLearn how to navigate a successful job search including how to present your authentic self through your applications and interviews

bulletAddress any career concerns that pop up along the way.

With your depth of experience and knowledge of you, and my expert guidance into evolving your personal career bliss, you will feel empowered and prepared to handle whatever comes your way!

Why choose coaching with me?

I care about the people I work with, your motivations, your dreams, and your career goals.

My calling is to make the world a better place. Helping people create a career they love is the way I know how to do this.

I have been guiding people through their personal career development since 2004 - that means I have many years of experience behind me filled with countless situations and solutions - I have seen it all!

I have worked with people all over the country: Honolulu, Seattle, Los Angeles, Denver, Houston, Cincinnati, Boston, New York, Washington D.C., Wilmington, Miami, and many other cities across the country. I have also worked with people navigating the western business culture in Europe and Asia.

Leave the fear and worry behind!